Our story is an American story. We started our company with a dream and, along with hard work and conviction, grew it from a concept to a leading and most trusted supplier of Safety and PPE products nationwide. Everything we do is rooted in safety and our goal is to be the premier Safety Supplies and PPE distributor in the country. We strive to serve you, our customers, better every day.

TAVA Products is where you find products that can help you protect yourself, your family, your home, your work area and much more.

TAVA Products is where you find superior PPE products at an affordable price.

TAVA Products is where our experienced staff work around the clock, with courage, enthusiasm and dedication, to deliver Safety and PPE Products to our customers.

For the past nine years, we have been at the forefront of providing Safety and PPE products to healthcare facilities, laboratories, law enforcement agencies and to frontline workers everywhere. At this challenging time, we are pleased to be able to bring the same products, expertise and focus to the public at large.