Powdered Vs Powder Free Nitrile Gloves


It can be difficult to know the difference between powdered and powder-free gloves. Below, we briefly explain the difference between the two:

  • Powdered Gloves:
    • ​What Are Powdered Gloves? Powdered gloves generally include a type of cornstarch, which is designed to improve grip, fast donning and can be used to reduce sweat. They are popular within the healthcare industries due to their simple fast and efficient use.
    • Can All Disposable Gloves be Powdered? Yes, here at SafetyGloves.co.uk, we sell nitrile, latex and vinyl powdered gloves.
    • Where is the Powder? The powder is inside the gloves. It can reduce sweating and makes the gloves far easier to don.
    • Where Can I Buy Powdered Gloves? You can purchase powdered gloves in our Powdered Gloves section.
  • Powder-Free Gloves:
    • What Are Powder-Free Gloves? Non-powdered gloves simply do not include cornstarch. This makes them more skin-friendly, far stronger and a lot more versatile. Non-powdered gloves are better suited to the food and mechanics industries.
    • Can All Disposable Gloves by Powder-Free? As with powdered gloves, we sell nitrile, vinyl and latex powder-free gloves.
    • Where Can I Buy Powder-Free Gloves? You can purchase powder-free gloves in our Powder-Free section.